TeamView Dashboard Analytics & Reporting

Focus on the metrics that matter

Retention & Member LTV

Increase revenue by identifying your membership options with the highest average user value (AUV)

Sales Performance Analysis

Track trialer activity, including conversion rates from trial to attendance and trial to membership purchase

Class Utilization Optimization

Maximize attendance rates across all classes, increasing AUV and revenue

Booking Management

Give Equal Opportunity for Members to Train

Remove Double Bookings

If a member wants to train twice on the same day, the second booking can be a walk-in or same day booking

Remove Waitlist Squatters

If a member is already booked into a class, they will be automatically removed from any waitlists

Auto-Add to Class

If spots are available in a class, members will be automatically added in from the waitlist, even within a late cancel window

Late Cancel Automation

Hold Your Members Accountable

Separate Fees

Customize your fees to charge more for no shows vs. late cancels


Let the first one slide—set a forgiveness window for first offences

Get Notified

Automated error reporting means you'll know which charges couldn't be processed