Owning and operating a boutique fitness studio is very rewarding, there's nothing like seeing your members pushing themselves and transforming right before your eyes. But with the growth of any business comes challenges. How do you stay organized, and keep your growing team on the same page as your studio scales?

That's why we created the Fitness Studio Hub—a Notion template where we share everything that you need to get your team organized and on the same page from Day 1. No more forgetting passwords to Google Docs, having some files in a binder, others in a Google Drive, and a few more stored on your laptop. It's time to give all of your files a proper home.

Here's what you get:

• An easy to navigate and customizable central hub for all of your documents, policies, and procedures

• An editable staff directory

• A "How To's Database" complete with examples of procedures and manuals that you can edit as needed

• A staff bulletin board for key announcements

• A studio wins tracker

• Printable cleaning guides and checklists

• A complete social media hub, including sections for brand assets, social media templates, and a content calendar

• Communications templates, including welcome emails and texts, end of trial messaging and price presentations

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*Access is currently limited to F45 studio owners and operators only.